museOpera for schools

Thanks to the exclusive Lilopera method, and our experience working with educational institutions ranging from nursery schools through to universities, we offer schools customised learning activities for the classroom (thematic theatrical workshops, music theatre production, music therapy, introduction to professions in music theatre) and also programmes that are conducted outside school premises.
In collaboration with the La Scala Theatre Museum, Lilopera has designed a programme called “museOpera” for children of all ages, from infant schools through to high schools. Our “museOpera” programme features a learning activity with multimedia content that enhances and illustrates the exhibit (length: 50 minutes), and/or a guided tour of the Museum (length: 40 minutes).  Both these activities include a view of the Theatre hall from a box, except when there are rehearsals or special events under way.
The wide-ranging learning activities on offer introduce participants to the various aspects of music theatre:

  • the production stages of preparing an opera or ballet;
  • how music is created, from the pen of the composer to the baton of the conductor;
  • the artistic team and how they prepare to stage a production;
  • the technical team and their role in a theatrical production;
  • how singers use their voices;
  • how a musical instrument is made and how a musician prepares (with a real musician present who gets participants to play various musical instruments);
  • how a costume and its accessories are created;
  • how a set design and scenic apparatus are created;
  • the magic of light;
  • how to recognise the instruments of the orchestra (with the use of sound charts);
  • introduction to key figures in music theatre.

The learning activities and guided tours are run by experts in their fields, and the two activities can be booked either jointly or separately (in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish or Japanese; other languages are available on request).
Download the catalogue of the learning activities in pdf format.


  • Children in infant schools
  • Pupils in primary and intermediate schools, and students in high schools and schools of music, dance, fine arts, etc. (maximum age 20).

PRICES (the ticket for the admission to the Museum is not included)
  March 1st -
October 31
  November 1st -
February 28/29
Learning activity + guided tour of the Museum (90’)   € 8,00   € 7,00
Just the learning activity (50’)   € 5,50   € 5,00
Just the guided tour (40’)   € 4,50   € 4,00

The minimum total payment per group is 90 €.
The prices are for each individual visitor participating. If a booking is made by tourist agencies/tour operators, the group’s tour guides/tour accompaniers do not pay (max.  1 non-paying admission for every 20 participants).
If the number of actual participants is less than the number booked, no refund can made for the no-shows.
If the bank transfer is sent from outside SEPA area (SEPA area = UE + Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino) there is a supplement of € 15 to cover bank fees.
NB: the ticket for admission to the La Scala Theatre Museum is not included in the price indicated above and must be paid on the spot directly at the Museum ticket office (see the bottom of the page for details).
On very rare occasions, the date and time agreed may have to be changed if special events have been organised at the La Scala Theatre. If this happens, either another date and time will be agreed, or else the booking will be cancelled. If a visit is cancelled and payment has already been made, the payment will be refunded immediately.
No refund will be made if the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before the tour (48 hours if the tour is scheduled for a Monday); no partial refund will be made in the event that the actual number of participants is less than the number indicated on the booking form.
The learning activity is normally held in the foyer area of the La Scala Theatre's boxes (adjacent to the Museum's halls), from where the boxes can be accessed for a view of the Theatre hall. In order to set the timetable for the activity with the school, we enquire in advance as to whether these spaces are available, as they are closed by the Theatre when there are rehearsals or performances.
That is why we kindly ask you to be as punctual as possible, and we recommend you arrive at the Museum ticket office 10 minutes before the scheduled time so that you can purchase your tickets and check any rucksacks or purses: if you are more than 20 minutes late, we cannot be responsible for any closings of Theatre spaces that would prevent us from  conducting the learning activity and the viewing of the Theatre hall from a box. Furthermore, if you are more than 20 minutes late, the length of the learning activity and/or the guided tour will be reduced accordingly. We hope you will understand these arrangements in light of the fact that: 1) the instructors/guides are paid for the time they make themselves available, i.e., starting at the time set for these activities; 2) the Museum welcomes a large number of visitors, so sticking to the scheduled times avoids congestion and ensures that both visitor interests and safety standards are satisfied.



1) Requesting a date and time. The first thing to do is to send an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. stating your first name, surname, school, telephone number and dates when you would like to visit. Our Education Manager will contact you to agree on the details and confirm the dates on the basis of the Museum’s availability. The date and time will be pencilled in by Lilopera pending receipt of the bank transfer and booking form.

2) Prepayment by bank transfer (no cash). Once the date has been fixed with the Education Manager, you must prepay by means of a bank transfer that must be sent at least 7 days before the date agreed for the visit. This procedure makes it possible to track the payment and to free teachers from the management and custody of cash deposits.
If the bank transfer is made later than 7 days before the planned visit, you must email a scanned copy/photograph of the bank receipt, confirming that a transfer has been made, to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. by 12 o’clock on the working day preceding the educational programme. If you do not meet this deadline, the booking will be considered null and void. For similar conditions governing the emailing of the booking form, see point 3) below.
If the bank transfer is sent from outside SEPA area (SEPA area = UE + Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino) there is a supplement of € 15 to cover bank fees.
Here are the bank details for prepayment (indicate as the reason of the payment “Booking visit to museoOpera on xx/xx/xxxx"):
Current account in the name of “Associazione Lilopera”
Banca Credem - Agenzia 2 - Piazza Castello 26 - 26900  Lodi
IBAN: IT14E0303220300010000090943

3) Sending the booking form by email. Once the bank transfer has been arranged you must send the booking form, filled out with the details of the group participating and of the bank transfer that has been made. The booking will be understood as confirmed only when Lilopera has received the bank transfer in prepayment and also the booking form by 12 noon of the working day prior to the day when the educational programme is scheduled. If this deadline is not met, the booking will be considered null and void.
- Click here and save the booking form on your computer for completion (in pdf format)
- type directly onto the pdf form all details requested
- save the form, duly filled out, onto your computer, and send to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
Lilopera will email the invoice to you. If the number of actual participants is less than the number booked, no refund can be made for no-shows. However, if a participant who has been enrolled is absent, someone else can of course take their place and join in the visit.

Click here for all information (Museum website).
Price of admission to the Museum: € 3.50 each for pupils of 6-18 school age; € 6.00 for college/university students. For children in infant schools, admission is free. 
For those accompanying the students (max. 1 to every 10 children) admission is free. They are asked to collect the money and pay for the whole group, in order to avoid long queues at the Museum ticket office. Extra accompaniers, over and above the limit stated, pay € 6.00.
To make visits easier to manage and for safety reasons, a single group should not, wherever possible, exceed 30 children, and groups will be admitted 20 minutes apart.
Teachers are asked to ensure that the children obey some Museum rules:
1) school bags should be placed in the containers situated at the entrance to the Museum;
2) photography is only permitted in the Toscanini foyer: please check that children do not take photos inside the Museum or the La Scala Theatre itself;
3) make sure the children behave themselves.


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